Emergency spill response

Shanahan Contracting provides a 24 hour emergency spill response service.

When in a state of emergency, you need things to happen quickly and efficiently. The aim of our first response is to minimise the impact of the spill upon the discovery in the shortest possible time. If you call us on 01438 880856, we will answer.

When calling our 24 hour emergency response, please provide details on the product spilt, volume, situation and location and we will let you know if we can help straight away. Our service includes:

  • Give you our fixed call out charge up front for first response
  • Confirm time of arrival
  • Upon arrival, we will assess the scene and recommend the optimum method of control, containment and clean up
  • Use the latest spill control and clean up technology
  • Minimise the impact of the spill on the environment
  • Remove and dispose of liquids
  • Full investigation into the extent of damage caused
  • Assist with spill mitigation
  • Informing authorities where required

Please contact us anytime